What Brian Eno really wants is an “opposite algorithm” I think he called it, which says, I paraphrase, “if you liked that, this thing is completely different and perhaps you’d enjoy giving that a try.”

On New Year’s Day,  6 Music concocted a brilliant interview with Eno in the BBC studios.  Maybe a couple of hours long, they would play a track, they’d talk; Eno has an incredible knowledge of contemporary music and current music technology.  I wish I could find the interview somewhere to re-listen to it, but it’s gone, I guess, into the ether.

One thing he talked about, really sticking with me now, is how tiring the, “other people that liked this also liked this other…” buttons game that Internet sites play.  There’s nothing benevolent going on; it’s all about getting you to buy more, click-click-click stay on a website longer, or click there so somebody gets an advertising dollar.  (Plus, as a mathematician, I can tell you that these are stupid-simple algorithms, so that’s angering.)

Today’s article is dedicated to trying something else.  I’ve curated a small handful of things that I’ve come across; each has nothing to do with another.  I hope at least one of these is new-to-you and outside your normal.  It’s good for your diet.

  1. John Kessler, on our local Blues show (www.knkx.org) plays this from time to time, and one night last summer, I was suddenly still, stunned by beauty.  There’s no better way to be stopped.  It’s the Dixie Cups – ­­­ “Iko Iko”
  2.  Rocking the Tigger jammies  You may actually have ­­seen this.  It hit me on FB, I don’t remember how, when B.B. King was in the hospital.  He did not get better.
  3. As long as we’re on the subject of kids freaking me out, one of my scarier friends posted this recently.  Angelina Jordan has a number of offerings on YT, here’s  “I Put A Spell On You”
  4. From the 2-CD tribute, A Chance Operation-The John Cage Tribute, John Cale and Yoko Ono team up for this,  “Georgia Stone”.  Remember not to have nightmares, that’s my recommendation.
  5. And finally, The Jackson 5.  One of my things when I go to the public library, after I’m done shopping for everything I wanted, I pick something up at pseudo-random.  “Jackson 5?  This is going to suck, but I can’t remember what they sound like. I’ll take this home.”  I’m agog — seriously cool stuff.  I’ve selected for you,  “Mamma I Gotta Brand New Thing”.

Want to find a rut? Continue on down a path of everything similar. Not just music, that’s sound advice for life.

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