Reviewing a Box Set

Children of NuggetsOriginal Artyfacts from the Second Psychedelic Era 1976-1996

I love compilations.  They promise to provide something I haven’t heard before, remind me of something I used to listen to, all the while wading through a bunch of questionable material.  It’s like a bent wedding: something old, something new, something kooky, something cool.  And a box set – a box set! – well, that’s just 4 times more something new, something old, and a whole buncha crap.

I picked up this 4-CD compilation from my public library.  I was looking for any digital music from the Hoodoo Gurus.  (I have Mars Needs Guitars! on Lp; I have Stoneage Romeos and Blow Your Cool! on one cassette tape.  I can’t think of another band with 2 albums that have exclamation points in the titles.)  Anyway, this compilation came up in the search.

Children of Nuggets is really, really good!  While the title suggests “psychedelic” music, I’d have to say this box set picks up a lot of different styles and sub genres.  (I mean, who thinks of The Bangles as ‘psychedelic’?)  Of course, a band that you don’t think of as psychedelic might have that one track, and that one track might show up here.

If you’re into several realms of 1980s music, I’d highly recommend this as a refresher, or if you don’t know anything, this is a pretty good introduction, though a bit sideways.  Here are some picks.

something old

The Church – “The Unguarded Moment”

Once upon a time, I called The Church my favorite band.  Then there was just too much stuff – so much great stuff – I couldn’t select just one to be a favorite.  After time, The Church lost their staying power, and I don’t listen to them anymore.  Good to hear some again.

something new (to me)

Chesterfield Kings – “She Told Me Lies”

I like this music.  It’s a retro 1960s vibe.  It’s abusive to a synthesizer, and I think synthesizers could be abused more often.  I hadn’t heard of these guys previously, but reading about them a little bit they have some import.  I like this a lot.

something kooky

The Cramps – “New Kind of Kick”

“psychobilly”!  In my living room, I display a postcard of the image I’m using here.  Still, I’ve never listened to these guys with any sort of commitment.  They have their moments, as this song shows, and maybe I need to listen to them some more.

something cool

Julian Cope – “Sunspots”

I used to live for Julian.  His former band, The Teardrop Explodes, has the best visual name ever.  Can you see it?  poof splash gone  Then he had a bit of a mental breakdown and a way-too- fucking-long LSD trip, then two more really cool solo records, and then a bunch of crap.  But those 4 records, man, cool stuff.

You can read more about the box set, including the entire track listing, on Wikipedia.  Maybe your local library has a copy.  Check it out!

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