Winter Break

I’m out of rhythm due to the holidays.  My intention is to post on Sunday evenings, with sporadic miscellaneous, posts in between.  I suppose it doesn’t matter.

For the past several years, for Winter Break, I’ve been traveling somewhere looking for sunshine and warmth.  San Diego, Palm Springs, and Tucson, Arizona have all been recent winter destinations, and Palm Springs has been the repeat choice.  That’s what I did this year.

Generally, for my sunshine-hunting vacation, I’ll rent a convertible.  Cars make me a little claustrophobic and I like to be outside, so when I drive to a hike or to the beach or to lunch in the next town over, I can put the top down and woohoo!  This year, I was anticipating it being colder than usual, and I made a reservation for a less glamorous hard-top car.  I got to the rental counter at the airport, and was hit with the manager’s special.  Thus, I spent 4 days driving around in a brand new, bright yellow, convertible, The Dead Milkmen – Bitchin’ Camaro.

The car had (free) satellite radio, which really isn’t very good.  Most of the stations are bad: poorly curated, redundant, and an absence of soul.  You can’t have algorithms and accountants programming your music.  You need a real person, passionate about their music and wanting to share, to curate playlists for you. I ended up listening to a lot of opera on the trip, which is beyond unusual for me.  But flipping through the satellite channels, #74, Metropolitan Opera Radio was the clear winner, and surely the Metropolitan knows more about opera than I.  Here’s a taste:  Verdi: Aida — “Gloria all’ Egitto” …and here’s a full bite:  Verdi – Aida

Finally, for several weeks, and all during my sunshine-hunting trip, I couldn’t get this song out of my head: Jesca Hoop – Pegasi  .  I love the textures of the two guitar parts and the cohesion of the guitars with voice as instrument.  I believe this song will be on a new record set for a February 2017 release with Sub Pop Records.

I hope your winter break brought the gift of music.


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Interested in music. Most of my personal catalogue is indie bands, and punk, but also avant garde, blues, Motown ... almost but not quite, anything. I am now learning much about classical and contemporary works. I'm looking for people to share music, new and old, and looking for new avenues to discovery new music. Come with me.

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